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Missed Me!

I missed (sorry, no pun intended) the opportunity to post the pic below when it happened a few weeks ago – the weather really was just too bad to risk carrying a camera that wasn’t waterproof, and around the same time I had arrived home twice, genuinely soaked through to the skin such was the weight of rain I had been obliged to walk through. I had to out everything in the machine to spin and then tumble dry.

This particular spot in Baillieston is not where I’d expect to see this extent of damage, since the junction is one where the layout obliges traffic to move slowly. I can only guess somebody tried to beat somebody else and occupy the same bit of road, and one had to dodge. Glad I wasn’t there at the time, as this road has to be crossed every time I go to the shops.

The reason I grabbed this ‘Missed Me!’ candidate was down to being too slow in getting back for the more interesting shot I really wanted.

I popped a humorous item in about a penny stuck in the road at a pedestrian crossing recently, but slightly less amusing was the recent appearance of the lights on this crossing a few days ago, as it was clear that a vehicle had ploughed straight into one set on the island in the middle of the main street, and bent it over at 90° so it was lying flush with the road. Notably, the road is four lanes wide there. That would have been tough for anyone standing on the island, and I knew someone killed by such a pole some years ago, when a car ran into it, and the pole hit them on the top of the head, fracturing their skull. The car never touched them, just the pole as it whipped down, and they died without regaining consciousness, so never even knew what happened.

The damage pedestrian crossing light pole was replaced within a day – the barrier below has been coned off for weeks.

That penny’s still there, just along the road.

Baillieston barrier crash


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