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Don’t complain – you may get something ‘better’

There are plenty of variations on the story, but the tale of the drowning bird that gets rescued by a cat… thinks things are looking up… then gets eaten as the cat’s lunch, is always worth bearing in mind when preparing to complain or moan about something.

Case in point is the pic below, which I collected while looking around some of this year’s storm damage in a nearby park, and was an example of vehicle damage to the grass, probably damaged trees were being accessed. I picked this as a change from usual damage I photograph, caused to verges as the lorries drive along the footpaths, which they are wider than so their wheels and tyres churn up the edges.

Park ground damage

Park ground damage

What I didn’t realise was that Scottish Water was just about to arrive, and carry out some much needed work to the area’s drainage. There have been some attempt to address this in recent years, but the lie of the land has managed to defeat these, so it looks as if three working areas have been targeted this year, with some major works (compared to past years) being undertaken.

So, while I initially pointed to a couple of tyre tracks in soft ground, this has been replaced by the complete removal of the area to make way for the site works shown below – this pix is taken from the top of the hill as seen above, as it wasn’t possible to stand in the same place due to the work in progress, but you can see that the entire area has been consumed.

Sandyhills Park drainage works

Sandyhills Park drainage works

I’ve no idea how long these works will take, but the ground will be restored on completion – the earlier works were quickly hidden – so once that are done and the area has settled I’ll get the last pic in the set to show the restoration. It’s surprising how quickly the ground has recovered in the past.


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