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How to deal with the mailings that Virgin and Sky use anonymity to beat MPS with

Now that I have MPS (Mailing Preference Service) stopping all the direct mail from landing on floor, the really annoying companies like Virgin and Sky circumvent the system by mailing their rubbish to my address, but leave my name out, instead addressing it to ‘The Householder’ and technically not offending the MOPS guidelines.

Before anyone offers a comment below criticising MPS and stating that “It is rubbish and doesn’t work”, I would advise them to use it PROPERLY, and read the instructions. It is not an immediate service, and you need to work the system in order to make it effective. It can take a year or more to get some mailing to stop, which is not down MPS but the offender, as some direct mailing companies don’t update their database, and until they do, your removal will not be effective. The second thing you HAVE to do is forward ALL offending mailings to MPS with a complaint. If they don’t know a company is sending items, then they can hardly deal with it.

After about 18 months, and a dozen or more complaints (for which there is a Freepost address to send the material, so it doesn’t even incur a cost) I don’t get any more direct mail with my name on it.

But Virgin and Sky still have stuff delivered anonymously, to ‘The Householder’

Since it’s monthly, all I do now is open their envelope, remove the part with my address on it, and stuff all the other leaflets for taxis, curry houses, gardeners, painters, builders, hairdressers, tree surgeons, supermarket offers, etc etc, into it, seal it up, and mark it ‘Unsolicited – Return to sender’ having made sure it has their address on it for returns.

No idea if they have to cough up the postage, but if enough people were to do this, then the carrier (Royal Mail) might get fed up and throw them out.

They need to be taught that some people will never respond to advertising, and are just not interested in anything ‘pushed’ at them – and even avoid any company that indulges in such campaigns.

Yes, if you asked, I do have Adblock installed, and the accessories that make it even more effective, so I never see online ads.

I’ve also got a list of companies that now detect use of this option, and beg us to consider turning it off, to make an exception for them!

Guess what? I make a point of adding their appeal to a new blocking rule (so never see it again) and make sure I give them bad reviews – even though I’ve never, and never will, deal with them.

If it didn’t involve having to cart the box around to the Post Office, I’d do this as well:


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