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Sky high graffiti puzzle solved

While I’m not so thick as to be unaware of the obvious answer to this puzzle, I’ve never been around a site where the obvious answer was… obvious.

Wandering around Glasgow, or any other location where redevelopment is underway, there’s often graffiti (better termed as vandalism) evident on walls that there is nowhere that the vandal could have been standing. This leads to the hope that the they might have been hung over the edge of the roof, and their mates might have dropped them. But I doubt my fanciful imagination would have been rewarded, even if I had been there at the right time.

Still, I have seen some on places like bridge parapets, which don’t have – and never had – any sort of support or standing space below them just voids, so those might be more interesting to see as they are being sprayed.

The reality is boring, and while I can’t claim to hold the evidence myself, I’ve been lucky enough to come across some (archival) material that confirms the obvious.

All they have to do is break into a building, or a demolition site, and get onto the roof or the remains of a wall, and they can spray their childish tags all day (or night) long.

Although I didn’t see it, I know this was done while the building on the corner of Queen Street and Ingram Street was being demolished.

I’ll probably never catch one as it happens, simply because I’m not in the right places any more.

Wonder if any of them have managed to kill themselves playing this game?

High level graffiti

High level graffiti


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  1. Obviously a Royalist……..other than that….I like it!


    Comment by Alex Hodgson | March 1, 2014

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