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The mice keep coming so I keep feeding

After a quiet spell, I noticed that my mouse bait was being depleted again, so I had to start filling the trays again – this had two effects.

The most immediate was found after the usual few days, when the usual suspect was kind enough to drop dead while helping himself to the small feast I paid for:

Mouse poisoned

Former mouse and food taster

So far, this is keeping the little incontinent disease factories out of the house, but I don’t like having to keep my doors shut tight. However, I suppose it’s better than the more irritating of seeing things dart around the skirting boards, as a flash of movement betrays their presence from the corner of your eye.

More intriguing though, is the arrival of ‘Supermouse’, which I’ve yet to explain satisfactorily.

Often arriving at the same time as ‘Deadmouse’, Supermouse appears to be able to eat all my bait and survive unharmed and undiscovered for about a week.

I top up the bait daily, yet it is consumed nightly, with no corpse – then it stops after a few days. Yet a search of the area finds nothing.

Useless mouse bait still USELESS!

The return of my little friends (and the increased consumption of bait) provided an opportunity to revisit a previous subject: Utterly useless rat and mouse killer

Rat and mouse killer not

Rat and mouse killer – not

I thought I’d be sneaky, and bulk up the mouse bait that actually does the job with this stuff, mixing the two on the basis that providing the little dirt bags with more food would attract them to the bait.


All they did was throw it out of the trays and eat the poison – they would not even eat the useless stuff when it was piled up high for them, It looks like nothing more than extruded sawdust or chipboard, and might as well be for all the good it does:

Useless mouse poison

Useless unwanted and unloved

Maybe their machine ran out of ‘active ingredient’ the day it made the stuff that went into my box.

The conventional stuff, the blue and red grains seen in the pic, is laced with Warfarin) (a drug used on humans as medicine, an anticoagulant
used to prevent and treat the formation of harmful blood clots within the body by thinning the blood and/or dissolving clots), and it works just fine (maybe excluding the odd Supermouse), and I buy the big container from B&Q, since this works out a lot cheaper than the silly little bottles or ‘single sachets’ I’ve seen on offer.

Some cats aren’t born mousers, and are similarly best avoided:

And the Oscar goes to...


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