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Stadium bricks

I happened to be wandering near one of the roads that leads to the site which once used to be Mount Vernon Stadium, so decided that the absence of rain (a very strange thing over the past few weeks) merited a longer walk, so I turned of the main road and headed to the old site.

While this once boasted enough bits of building and hardware which allowed its operation as a dog track to be confirmed (about 10 years ago), a few years ago the track was raided (for want of a better word) and all the metalwork, fencing, and track hardware disappeared. Not long after that, what little that remained of the trackside building was knocked down and carted away, including the last length of brick wall that used to carry some painted signage relating to the stadium, and its use for training.

Now, there’s little more to see than some concrete bases, some bricks scattered on the ground, a few pieces of concrete fencing, and the outline of the track on the ground – sometimes used by quad-bikes. Although, having said that, the ruts they wore into the ground a while ago seem to have disappeared, so the bikers may have been chased off.

With nothing else to do, I started kicking the bricks around, and noticed that many of them carried brickmarks, a distinct mark or stamp formed on one of the faces which usually denotes either the maker’s name, or the product/range. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, and other information can be found in these marks, which can be found on dedicated web sites, such as:

Brick Spotting | a search for lost Scottish brickmarks

Old Bricks

All the bricks found were produced locally, by which I mean within a distance measured in tens of miles, so local brickyard were used for the material.

Click on any of the thumbs below for bigger pics and a gallery.

You can still make out the ground marks in an aerial view.

I expect even this will be gone in a few years, as there’s a steadily advancing housing development approaching from the west, and the roads are being upgraded.

Worth noting that if the view shows a working yard to the south and west, then it’s an older view, this was a waste disposal site, but which is no more, having closed down by the time I went back to the area.


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  1. Hi,

    Came across your site when looking for info on bricks. Some good finds there. Any chance I can include your images in my website Brick Spotting? Trying to record all the brickmarks known to have existed in Scotland.

    Cheees, Gary


    Comment by Gary | March 12, 2014

  2. Hi Gary,

    Yes, as per the CC (Creative Commons) link at bottom right you are welcome to re-use the material in return for a mention as to where it came from, and you don’t even need to ask as long as you do this.

    I didn’t check off which ones you already had mentioned, but your site did let me know I was looking at a fair selection of local material, even the ones with odd names which meant nothing to me until I had looked them up.

    Thanks for the info.


    Comment by Apollo | March 12, 2014

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