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Clyde Valley Community Forest joins Calderbank House in skip

It’s some years since Calderbank House, near Baillieston, was destroyed, apparently the victim of a ‘mysterious’ fire followed by a quick sale to a developer

It was listed by NHS records thus: Calderbank House Hospital near Baillieston was opened in 1919 and functioned as an annexe of Bellshill Maternity Hospital until 1964. When it joined the National Health Service in 1948, Calderbank was placed under the Board of Management for Coatbridge, Airdrie and District Hospitals.

Later, it was a Talbot Association Residential Home, their aim being “To provide care and solace for all destitute men and women in the form of accommodation including homes of rehabilitation to help individuals gain a useful place in society“.

So, no concluding dates relating to its existence. However, the building has been completely demolished and all evidence of the building removed.

Once Glasgow Zoo had also been eliminated, this laid the land open for development, a process which has slowly consumed the ground, and now seen the destruction of an area of forest that once occupied the land next to the Calderbank.

A few years ago, there used to be a gate across the path that led to the old house. It barred the way to traffic, but anyone on foot could just walk around it:

Calderbank Path

Calderbank Path

That gate disappeared a few years ago, to be replaced by one which controlled access for construction traffic and builders working on the housing behind.

A similar shot of the same spot shows the gate they installed is now of even less use than the one seen above, and how the wood behind has been removed and replaced by roads and a roundabout:

Calderbank development

Calderbank development

Another view taken from further along the road shows the extent of the change – all the area to the left of the road used to be wooded, now cleared of trees, it’s just some road and a roundabout. Note the old style lamppost on the right of this view, which shows the how the original road has been rerouted and moved to suit this new layout:

Calderbank development

Calderbank development

Looking across the area to the left, as seen above, what was once a wooded area shows only a few root stumps and wood chippings on the ground:

Calderbank razed area

Calderbank razed area

The Clyde Valley Community Forest seems to have had no protection from developers, and been a waste of time and money:

Calderbank razed area

Calderbank razed area

Now both subjects of this sign are nothing more than figments of the imagination:

Clyde Valley Community Forest Calderbank House

Clyde Valley Community Forest Calderbank House


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  1. “….functioned as an annexe of Bellshill Maternity Hospital until 1964…..” I’ve seen this on other references too, but it was definitely still operating as a maty in the 80s. I was based in Monklands and also looked after the medical equipment at a number of smaller hospitals in the area (Alexander, Coathill, Wester Moffat, William Smellie). The long driveway was particularly impressive, and the whole birth process a million miles from its big cousin in Bellshill!


    Comment by Ian McConnell (@ianmcconnell3) | March 5, 2014

  2. I was shocked at the changes in that area when I last visited. Regarding Calderbank’s ‘mysterious fire’ there was another ‘mysterious fire’ which badly damaged Baillieston House in, I think, 1964, and led to the house being pulled down, the beautiful gardens and grounds destroyed, and new
    houses springing up shortly afterwards. And now, another lovely building, Garrowhill Primary, a unique little gem of a school, which for years has not been properly maintained, is being demolished. It is all very sad.


    Comment by Ruth Marr | April 30, 2015

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