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Moat Brae House opens for public tours

It was never planned (and to be honest, we’re not even that involved with Peter Pan or JM Barrie, but recognise that it has become special to many), but the story of the rescue of Moat Brae has probably become one of our longest running recurring items since we first noticed that attempts were being made to save the house.

And it seems a shame not to mention it whenever a milestone is achieved, since so many similar projects fail, or fail to raise backing.

The public is to get a first glimpse of works to turn the house which inspired the Peter Pan story into a national centre for children’s literature.

Author JM Barrie played in the riverside gardens at Moat Brae in Dumfries as a child and based Neverland on his experiences.

The Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust saved the property from demolition.

A six-week programme of public tours has been launched to let people see how restoration work is progressing.

Project director Cathy Agnew said the house is open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons over the next six weeks.

“We have now got this wind and watertight house with a new roof and all the new windows,” said Ms Agnew.

“The house is safe and it is saved for the community. We want people to have a look, have a look at our design concepts, have a look at the sort of things that we are wanting to do when we open as a national centre for children’s literature and storytelling.”

Following acquisition of Moat Brae House and gardens in 2011, the PPMBT undertook emergency works to stabilise the house and install a temporary roof.

Via Dumfries Peter Pan house progress goes on show

The project look set to get a few more mentions for some years to come, as the centre is not expected to be open until 2017.

Moat Brae

Moat Brae © Copyright Darrin Antrobus

More info at:

The Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust

And details of the public tours are available here:

Public Tours of Moat Brae (Sat 8th March – Sat 19th April 2014)


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