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Does a Neighbourhood Watch with no watchers actually work?

I had to follow a slightly different path during one of my recent wanders, as the gates to a station on the route were tied shut. When I got closer I could some busy men working away on platform – but due to the lie of the land I couldn’t see what the were doing as they were above me since the road passed below the station.

But I did notice something I hadn’t spotted before, the Neighbourhood Watch warning sign shown below, attached to lamppost on the station’s perimeter:

Neighbourhood Watch sign

Neighbourhood Watch sign

I have to admit, this one left me more than a little puzzled.

After all, one of the things you need for a neighbourhood watch to work is… watchers!

In this particular case, a look to north from near this sign shows:

Neighbourhood Watch North

Looking North

To the south:

Neighbourhood Watch South

Looking South

To the east:

Neighbourhood Watch East

Looking East

And finally to the west, with the path to the station above, which is an unmanned station, and the lamppost with the sign attached:

Neighbourhood Watch West

Looking West

To be fair, this is a little tongue-in-cheek, and while there is nobody here, and few people to see that sign (I seldom see anyone else when I walk here), the actual area it covers is that of Broomhouse, for which you can find more details here:

Scheme detail- Broomhouse

Broomhouse Community Council


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  1. he he he maybe they are hiding! seriously though there’s a lot more to Neighbourhood Watch than surveillance. A lot of watches work to improve all aspects of community safety and also to build community cohesion generally through things like the big lunch. Oh and can we reuse that photo of the sign please?


    Comment by N Watch Scotland (@nwatchscotland) | April 2, 2015

  2. Glad you have a sense of fun.

    Thanks for asking, that’s always nice – and yes, you can indeed use the pic of the sign.


    Comment by Apollo | April 2, 2015

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