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Over another wall – a footballer memorial

I’m often found trying to convince other folk to “Look up”, or “Look over walls” as they pass the, as it’s often that case that many interesting things are missed by most people simply because they are too focussed on themselves, or where they are going.

And today we have the curse of the various flavours of mobile devices, which people are determined to either stare at, or poke, during their every waking moment.

I’d been walking up and down Cambuslang Main Street on a fairly dull and miserable day recently, when I decided to stop for a rest, and ended up leaning against a wall near the station. Without thinking, I turned around and looked over it – and found it to be a monumental sculptor’s yard, full of headstones and similar.

But most noticeable was the footballer, pictured below.

I’ve no idea if this depicts someone in particular, or is just a generic offering the artist has for those who are keen.

I have absolutely no interest in the subject or the game, so can’t even have a guess.

But, it does at least prove that ‘looking over walls’ can pay dividends – but please remember to do it carefully!

Sculptors footballer memorial

Monumental culptor’s footballer memorial


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