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I found a Classic car (almost)

While it would have been nice to find a whole (Classic) car that nobody wanted, I don’t have that sort of luck.

The reality was that I noticed some chrome shining in the long grass as I rummaged around the remains of a deserted and demolished site that was once a stadium. Although some of it had remained in place, by which I mean the ruins of some of the buildings and walls, a few years ago somebody decided to flatten even that small piece of evidence and clear away most of the rubble, leaving only some rubbish, and the concrete bases on which the buildings had once stood.

Such is the clearance that even a waste disposal operation that used to occupy the adjacent ground had closed up and gone away when I decided to take a walk there recently. This was probably chased by the developer of a new housing estate on the land nearby, which is slowly spreading, leading to the old roads being upgraded, which presumably means the houses will keep on appearing.

Back to the glint of chrome, and some rummaging around revealed this to be the chrome surround from a little old Wolseley, together with some of the vertical struts (well, two including the centre, with partial badge).

I’m not sure how common the design of the Wolseley radiator grille was across the range, and guess this was probably from the 1950s. If my memory is not too far off, then the missing centre from the badge would actually have been fitted with a light bulb, and been illuminated with the car’s sidelights.

Wolseley badge

Wolseley illuminated badge

Sadly, there wasn’t much left of the car, or the radiator, but you can see where the badge would have been fitted:

Wolseley grille

Wolseley grille

For all the times I walked around here in past years, I was never able to see into the waste disposal site. A suitably high fence made sure it was well hidden, although I suspect the real reason was just to make it hard for thieves to get in and help themselves to any of the stuff lying around, regardless of whether or not it had any value, or was likely to kill them at worst, or make them ill at best.

As can be seen, there’s little or nothing left behind, and they even seemed to have taken that wall away with them too.

Surprised to see the yellow painted lorry run still in place, as it must have some scrap value – and the former owners would have been likely to know where to dispose of it. A substantial lump of metal, but maybe not worth the effort of cutting up for transport off the site.

Waste disposal site

Waste disposal site (former)



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