Secret Scotland

If it's secret, and in Scotland…

Ever wondered “What’s inside?”

I’ve always wondered what was inside the bullet-shaped units seen on heavy cable strung around the streets.

They’ve been around for years, but I’ve never seen anyone working on them, or caught one open… until now.

I had always imagined they were repeaters – amplifiers inserted into data transmission system and the like – intended to recover and boost signal in order to extend their range, but it seems  no, at least in the case of the discarded one I found lying in a grassy verge in Dalmarnock.

All I could see was a rat’s nest of wire connections, which looked as if it would be a complete nightmare to trace, or do any sort of fault-finding with – at least not without having the correct equipment and some wiring diagrams.

I’ve always been fairly grateful that none of the system I’ve ever had to work on had wiring like this. I might have had to work with similar numbers of connections, but at least they all carried their own identification, and were laid out on trays, in conduits, and terminated in great big panels with letters and numbers on them.

Street data connector

Street data connector

Having looked at the above pic, which identifies the thing, I thought it didn’t do the mass (or should that be mess) of wiring and connectors justice, so here’s a closer look.

Just try and spot the mistake in there!

Street data connector 2

Street data connector 2


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