Secret Scotland

If it's secret, and in Scotland…

It’s a cat

Downside of the winter is the general disappearance of most cats (thank goodness they own the Internet), but the addition of wind and rain in almost infinite proportions means the chances of meeting any are slim to nil. I don’t consider spring to have sprung until I’ve seen two or three lying in the Sun and soaking up some free heat.

No chance of that at the moment (but it is getting better – three days in a row without rain, but we now have overnight frost instead, as there’s no night cloud cover), but the odd flash of fur can be seen when it stays dry for long enough.

I spotted the character below out for a walk, looking around to see if the world was still out there:


Guess it’s still there

Then I was spotted:


Who are you looking at? Mind your own business.

Weird picture, which I don’t quite understand.

Clipped from a larger image shot from quite far away, when I got this set home and examined it I expected the focus to be much softer than it turned out to be, based on other pics I’d taken with the same setup.

Wish I could spot something relevant that makes this set different from others I tried in the past, and really wanted them sharper, as I’d like to be able to do this repeatably and intentionally.


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