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Mount Vernon stadium surprise – and stuff

After having a fresh wander around what little remains of Mount Vernon Stadium, I was surprised to find something I had not spotted before… and some other stuff.

Pushing through some trees, I noticed a fairly hefty turn-buckle still connected to a braided steel tensioning wire, and followed it into the branched overhead.

Can you spot the ‘find’ in the pic below? It is visible.

(Don’t bother zooming the image – I no longer put any prime quality images online.)

Mount Vernon Stadium

Mount Vernon Stadium

The turnbuckle is part of a guy rope supporting an original telegraph pole, and I guess this served the stadium.

You can see the insulators at the top of the pole, and in the detail show below:

Mount Vernon Stadium telegraph2

Mount Vernon Stadium telegraph pole

And some stuff

While I’ve tried to find worthwhile remnants, and there used to parts of the buildings, track, gantries, lighting, and even the mechanical/electric hare or rabbit that the dogs chased, this has all been removed, or buried.

But you can still make modern ‘finds’.

This time it was beer cans with current dates (when the pics were taken) which show the place is still a handy, out-of-the-way drinking den for some, and a rather odd one this time… some medical electrodes, fairly clean, suggesting they had landed there not long before being photographed.

Mount Vernon Stadium finds

Mount Vernon Stadium finds



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