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The mess in the park gets bigger

Life’s tough if you are unfortunate enough to be grass in Sandyhills Park.

I’ve mentioned the mess the council’s vehicles make as they straddle the paths and their wheels dig into the soft verges, or they drive onto the grass to get around the metal poles locked into place to stop stolen cars etc from speeding along them.

Then there are lorries driving over the soggy ground (which we have a lot of after a mild winter) to clear up the damaged trees and branches left behind by the high winds.

This year we have the additional benefit of Scottish Water taking over areas of the park in order to carry out drainage upgrades, which are needed and fall into the “Can’t make and omelette without breaking eggs” category. Messy, but necessary and unavoidable.

But some does seem to be avoidable…


Sandyhills storm tree 1b

Storm damage

To (if I’d known I would need it later, I would originally have taken a wider shot):

Park ground mess

Park mess

I have no idea why they found it necessary to make this mess.

A few years ago, they carried out some extensive drainage works about 100 metres west of this area (and they are digging up that same area today), but when they carried out that original phase they took the time to lay a wide temporary road over the grassy area. It may not have looked pretty, and still damaged the grass, but it avoided the creation of ruts and churning of the ground to make mud. After a while, the grass seemed to recover all on its own.

Probably not going to happen here, so we (who pays water rates?) will have to couch up for landscaping and restoration on top of the drainage works.

A cynic could be forgiven for thinking nobody cares about saving costs, providing someone else is picking up the bill.


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