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Submarine museum and St Peter’s seminary projects on council agenda

It’s a while since we saw the last positive rumblings regarding moves to preserve at least some of St Peter’s, but it looks as if the various ideas are gaining traction, and potential funding, as noted below.

I was also pleased to see positive reactions to the submarine museum which was proposed for Helensburgh. I’ve deliberately avoided mentioning this so far (in other words, I forgot, and also just never got round to it), because when I mentioned similar projects in the past… they just evaporated and never seemed to attract any interest. In my opinion, however, they were doomed before the started. The project I recall had projected funding requirement in the order of £10 million, and I would think that potential backers would have run a mile from such a suggestion, on the basis that they are not fools, and the knowledge that all these project end up way over budget. Starting with such a high initial figure may be honest, but in the real world, any smart backer would multiply their potential commitment by two or three to arrive at the figure they were likely to be asked to come up with to see the project through to completion – and would have run to the hills to hide.

COUNCILLORS will discuss the multi-million pound St Peter’s project and the Scottish Submarine Museum, amongst a busy agenda at today’s full council meeting.

On Thursday, March 20 elected members will meet in Kilmory Council Chambers where they will also be asked to release £25,000 funding to NVA at the beginning of the financial year 2014/15 for an Audience Development Strategy relating to the Kilmahew/ St Peter’s Project near Cardross.

The project – which will cost more than £7m in total – aims to transform the derelict site of the former St Peter’s Seminary buildings and the surrounding woodlands of Kilmahew which has lain abandoned for more than thirty years.

Situated on the edge of the village of Cardross, the site covers approximately 40 hectares and is predominately wooded. Each of the structures from medieval to modern is now in a ruinous state.

Funding to the tune of £140,000 is also expected to be released by councillors for the Scottish Submarine Trust specifically towards the development of The Submarine Museum in Helensburgh. The condition of the funding mean the cash must be split evenly and released in two instalments of £70,000 when the following milestones are achieved; proof of legal ownership of the building; and receipt of Listed Building Consent. The museum aims to tell the history of the Royal Navy’s Submarine Service will be told using new media and immersive 3D projected imagery and exhibits.

A 39 tonne ‘X’ Craft – or mini submarine – will be displayed as the centrepiece to the museum, which will also house an interactive electronic memorial in Remembrance of the 5,329 submariners who have given their lives in the Royal Navy Submarine Service.

The project, which aims to attract 10,000 visitors to the Burgh, is spearheaded by Visit Helensburgh.

The museum will be within the hall of the former St Columba’s Church, and the company will take formal ownership of the property on March 28 of this year.

via Submarine museum on today’s council agenda | Helensburgh & Lomond | News | Helensburgh Advertiser.


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