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Cutybraggan heritage centre set to open in 2014

It’s been some years since the camp at Cultybraggan was given up by the military (2004) and was ultimately purchased by villagers from nearby Comrie (2007).

Cultybraggan Camp in Comrie, Perthshire, once housed a number of Germany’s most senior and fanatical Nazis.

The site, made up of 100 corrugated iron Nissen huts, has undergone a major revamp after owners the Comrie Development Trust received two £10,000 funding packages from the Scottish Government and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Built in 1939, the remote maximum security site contained up to 4,000 German prisoners at a time, many of them the toughest Afrika Korps and SS troops.

And the ringleaders of the infamous 1944 Devizes Plot to free 250,000 PoWs from camps throughout the country – and then mount an attack on the UK from within – were consigned to Camp 21, as Cultybraggan was known during the war years.

Local volunteers from the Comrie Heritage Group (CHG) have spent months transforming the former guard room at the entrance to the camp into the home of a permanent exhibition giving visitors an introduction to the camp and the village of Comrie. The centre will open on Saturday 28 March.

Self-guide leaflets will be available at the centre, making it easy to explore the former PoW site, although guided tours will still run on a monthly basis.

Via Camp open to visitors – The Scotsman

I’ve edited out some of the original article content, and its title, since they include statements to the effect that Rudolf Hess was held there.

As far as I (and anyone I know who  is familiar with Hess’s time in Scotland) am aware, there is NO record of Hess ever being held at Cultybraggan.

This seems to be a myth that is circulated between all the online media, but never cites a reference or factual record that verifies the claim…

Unless of course, you know better… and are willing to pass on the secret.

More information about the Comrie Heritage Group can be found on the Comrie Development Trust’s web site here:

Comrie Development Trust » Comrie Heritage Group


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