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One of my fan pics

I don’t know what’s happening on the roads nowadays, but over the past few months it’s become apparent that the somebody (the council?) is cleaning up.

Previously, there used to be the occasional interesting find lying by the side of the road, usually broken and considered rubbish to most, but for some us, these were interesting bits that could be re-purposed, or were even interesting and working little bits of electronics. While a lot of it is junk, I’ve found pieces of cameras, working LED lighting units, handy pieces of scrap metal, chains, tools, and things I can’t even remember.

Now… it seems to be ages since I’ve even seen something worth stopping to look at, and work out if it’s useful.

So, just for fun, here’s a fan pic:

Broken engine fan

Broken engine fan

It wasn’t there a couple of days ago, and is a viscous couple engine fan.

The reason I stopped for a pic was down to the memories it brought back for me.

One of my car tuning tricks was to ditch fans like this and replace them with larger electric fans, and win back few engine horsepower – I’ve seen claims of anything from 10 to 50 HP claimed as losses for these fans.

One car proved to be a pain – I ended up adding an oil cooler as well – as the viscous fan refused to stay on when I had to restore it while carrying out some other work.

For some reason, it would never locate on its locating keys, and always worked its way loose while the car was being driven. On one occasion it tried the same trick as the one above, but the car was so low, it just got trapped between the road and underside of the engine, so I was able to collect it. On another day, it came loose, and made the engine sound as if it was about snap its crankshaft. That was an interesting 40 mile crawl home, I expected to find a horrible mess somewhere, but found only that the hub was able to rock on its fitting, making a loud ‘ding’ that echoed through the engine and gearbox.

I never did work out why this fan would not locate cleanly on its key (I should add it was inaccessible, and could not be eyeballed to check it was correctly located), yet would bolt up tight… until the engine had run for about 10 minutes, then come loose.

But I did eventually get it fitted, after the number of tries had probably hit triple digits.


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