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Last evidence of Glasgow Zoo erased

While it’s not a particularly recent event, this is the first time I’ve been able to visit the former entrance to Glasgow Zoo and grab a pic to show that it has now gone completely, together with any remains of the zoo which had survived on the ground behind. This was the last piece of zoo grounds which the developer consumed to build houses on. Although I’ve been past a few time since the turn of the year, it should come as no surprise to learn that the weather was usually just too wet to risk taking an ordinary (ie not waterproof) camera out.

Needless to say, but just for completeness, all the zoo roads and building that had survived on this last piece of ground have been razed, and the ground cleared to make way for more new build.

Glasgow Zoo no more

Glasgow Zoo no more

For those not familiar with the view as it was, visible on the left (behind the wall) is one of the new houses nearing completion, while the gap on the right (with the pieces of temporary fencing scattered around) used to be the entrance, complete with wrought iron gates, and gatehouse to the left. This was largely destroyed by arson many years ago, and the shell stood until it was demolished a couple of years ago.

The old shot below gives an idea of what was left, in 2008:

Glasgow Zoo entrance remains

Glasgow Zoo entrance remains


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