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Weird waterworks in the park

I’ve mentioned some recent works in a local park, which will hopefully improve the way things are dealt with when heavy rain brings local flooding. Probably can’t make it any worse, as they did some extensive work in the same area a few years ago, but even this was overcome by recent rainfall levels, which apparently brought even more water than before.

I don’t say this to have a dig at Scottish Water, who are the ones left to pick up bad decisions and poor site choices by developers, and probably get the blame for flooding simply because they are the only ones left to point at, once whoever built the houses has disappeared into the sunset, and doesn’t care once they are paid.

Regardless, unlike the previous work completed a few years ago, these new works have left some noticeable artefacts in their wake.

While I can recognise a number of access hatches and manhole covers which were not present before these works, there is one odd object next to them:

Sandyhills Park waterworks

Sandyhills Park waterworks

I can usually make a reasonable guess at most such items, but this is the first time I’ve seen something like this, and there are no other examples of anything similar in the area.

There didn’t seem to be any marking on the cylinder, or indication to its purpose, not can it be accessed quickly for maintenance or similar, while the guard mounted over what appears to be something fairly solid suggests they want to discourage casual tampering or attack by vandals.

Sandyhills Park waterworks

Sandyhills Park unknown


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