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Wonderful Edinburgh lady taxi driver

I have something of a soft spot for Edinburgh taxi drivers – the mush some of them have for brains, and their ability to get their colleagues a bad name.

I like to give them a wide berth and stay away from them, as the few I get close to are usually not very nice.

Probably the worst example I encountered was when trying to park just across from the Government offices in Spittal St/Castle Terrace, where the building has a pair of relief panels mounted above its doorways.

I had just pulled up and started to reverse into a single parking space, the rest of the traffic had been obliging and passed me with no problems, yet when a black cab came along the road – the driver chose to drive right up against the back of my car (as I was reversing, complete with white reversing lamps illuminated) and just sat there sounding his horn, giving the appearance that I had somehow forced him to stop and was about to back into him.

I’ve no idea what provoked this response from this particular driver of a black cab, but he just sat there with his hand on the horn button, and ignored me waving him past. As he was an inch from the back of my car, and had brought the traffic behind him to a halt, there was little I could do other than drive on… or get out and confront him. The latter was not going to happen, since he was clearly deranged. Maybe he was jealous of my car and just wanted to wind up the driver.

Since that day, I’ve never given an Edinburgh taxi driver a break. If they’re stuck in traffic or trying to get out of a jam, then they do it behind me, after I’ve passed.

That was a few years ago, but I see they’re no better, and the supposedly better female versions seems to suffer from the same attitude problem too.

Lady taxi driver blocks trams to have lunch

There’s been some media coverage of a stupid female driver of a black cab in Edinburgh who decided her meal was more important than the free flow of the rest of Edinburgh’s traffic – must have been related to the clown I was unfortunate enough to meet.

She parked on the tram route and headed into a fast food (so now we know how much she cares about her guts) outlet, and waited inside, blocking the route for about 10 minutes according to witnesses.

Amazingly, instead of running away embarrassed at her demonstration of brainlessness, she simply pulled a U-turn and parked on the opposite side of the road, blocking the route on that side of the street.

The media published the pics of this brain-dead behaviour with the registration number blanked out, but the pic is available online with the number in plain sight.

See Hungry cabbie brings Edinburgh’s tram system to a standstill | Deadline News

So why did they obscure it? It’s in the public domain, as seen below:

Taxi locks Edinburgh trams

Taxi blocks Edinburgh trams

Pic credit to Cabbie makes Big Mac-stake – Edinburgh’s Worst Drivers

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