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Second oldest Rolls Royce goes on show at Riverside

The second oldest Rolls Royce has gone on display at Glasgow’s Riverside Museum.

The 1905 car is actually the second oldest Rolls Royce in the world, and still runs, having been completely restored over the years, including refurbishment of its 3-cylinder engine.

The car is was originally gifted to the Royal Scottish Automobile Club (RSAC) in 1974, by owner Adam McGregor Dick of Kilmarnock. Nicknamed by trustees at the RSAC as ‘the old girl’, it has been loaned to Glasgow Museums for an initial three year period, with hopes that the loan can be extended indefinitely. One of the conditions of the gift was that the car must stay in Scotland and be displayed here. It had been on display at the headquarters of the RSAC in Glasgow’s Blythswood Square, but that was closed, and the car was then displayed in the Doune Motor Museum in Perthshire, however that too closed, in 1998. Since then, it seems the car has spent its time in Essex, with restoration taking place when the funds were available.

Over the years, it was first sold to a gent in Yorkshire, having been a demonstration vehicle – in those days, one purchased a Rolls Royce chassis, and had one’s coachbuilder add the bodywork to it.

It next went to a lady in Dumfriesshire, but it seems her chauffeur did not like driving it.

The car was then bought by the Dick family in Kilmarnock, who paid about £900 in 1908.

The story of car tells of how it was lucky to survive past World War II, during which it was used for ‘something’ which led it to it being something of a mess by the end of the conflict, and being so battered that the then owner was set to send it to the scrapyard. Fortunately, it seems his son hid the car, and it survived that fate. It’s value today is not certain, but the oldest example of the marque sold for £3.5 million back in 2007.

I’m sure I have a pic of the car when it was on show in Doune, but those pics are on film rather than digital, and yet to be transferred – maybe one day.

In the meantime, I found that Wikipedia has a shared image of the car said to date from 2004. Sadly, details of where the car was, and why, are not provided.

Rolls Royce 3-cylinder 1905

Rolls Royce 3-cylinder 1905 by Malcoma via Wikimedia Commons

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