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Daffodils (at last)

I’ve been harbouring feeling of jealousy when looking at a number of other blogs from nearby areas.

They seem to have enjoyed the arrival of a colourful spring some weeks ago, while all I seem to have are largely grey skies, and no daffodils in bloom.

Oddly, I do have some that the council leaves in grass verges, and on the central grassy reservation of some nearby dual carriageway, and despite supposedly being choked by pollution from all the vehicle exhausts, they have all flowered some time ago – but I can’t get pics of them as I pass them at night. And it’s been far too wet to venture along to them during the day.

However, even though my own daffs have (finally) decided flower, there’s only a literal handful of them, so when I was out today I detoured through a nearby park, where they have just flowered, and stole a pic from there.

It was still not great, and rather messy getting in for the shot, as the ground looks solid enough – but is actually muddy slops under what appears to be sound grass which is hiding deep puddles which you can sink into if you stand still for too long

But I finally got a spring themed pics with those daffodils – even if I am probably the last, and far too late.

They’re not very yellow, even with the Sun shining on them.

Maybe I should do the same as everybody else – and cheat! By which I mean turn the ‘vivid’ setting in the camera to ‘Max’. I recall reading one pro who advised this, and said he’d use 11 if the setting went there instead of 10. But I have tried this, and things don’t look very good, to my eye at least, so I stick with the normal setting, and post-process if I feel I really have to.



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