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Political church might sink Helensburgh Submarine Museum

While I’m not someone who nurtures any particular religious or political views, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the irony of seeing how the clergy often manage to turn a blind eye to the many thousands of dead that litter history thanks to the church and its assorted dabblings and favouritism with various political parties over the centuries. Yet it’s not slow to point at others.

I should have realised that things were going too smoothly when I noted the inclusion of the proposed Submarine Museum at Helensburgh (along with project at St Peter’s seminary) on the agenda of Argyll & Bute Council.

While the council ultimately voted in favour of awarding £140,000 to the project, it seems that not all is well – and anyone who ever reads about Argyll & Bute Council in the media will probably not be surprised that as soon as it was awarded… the problems began to arrive.

In this case, it seems that some are not satisfied with what is known about the Scottish Submarine Trust and its plans.

I’m not privy to the meeting, so can’t really comment, but it seems odd that councillors should feel confident enough to vote the award through if there was insufficient information to back up the application, or if the were concerns over those making the application. I also find the suggestion reported from one SNP Cllr Trail, who said the project has been pulled together ‘astonishingly quickly’ to coincide with the Commonwealth Games, a little hard to fathom. I have no time for the nonsensical games, but I’d find it hard to think I’d get any credibility by blaming events taking place in Helensburgh on them.

Here is Argyll & Bute Council’s Scottish Submarine Museum Evaluation of Funding Request

We’ll see. We can only watch and see if this descends into yet another fiasco.

What is perhaps a sadder and even more desperate clawing at straws in order to make some sort of point is the arrival of the church and its hypocritical opinion.

The museum has managed to secure premises in a former church hall in the town, although its initial – and ultimate – aim is to house its collection on Helensburgh pier. The latter appears to have been deferred for the moment, due to a lack of knowledge regarding council plans for the future of the pier.

However, Rev Fred Booth, who was the minister at St Columba for 23 years, upset about the hall being used to house ‘memorabilia of war’.

It’s not worth the hate mail I know would follow.

The same is true for the comments of the Rev Ian Miller, formerly of Bonhill Church, who successfully managed to twist this story into an opportunity to rail against Trident.

I was going to comment on the irony or hypocrisy of this thought on their part – then decided not to.

However, I will say I would have respected both of them if they had supported the museum, and worked toward ensuring it served as a memorial to those who lost their lives serving on submarines, as this is often overlooked, and has only recently seen a memorial raised in Dundee, at HMS Ambrose.

Via Row surfaces over planned Helensburgh submarine museum | Helensburgh & Lomond | News | Helensburgh Advertiser

Church razes Cold War relic

Thanks to the church, Scotland lost a potential artefact relating to the Cold War…

Ayr was the Royal Observer Corps’ No 25 Group HQ, in the UKWMO (United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation) Caledonian Sector. The owners of 25 Group ROC HQ at Ayr, who were the local church, decided they have no use for the building and that it should be demolished at the earliest opportunity to provide extra car parking space. What they really meant was that from their perspective, they could morally support the continued existence of the building.

Strange that their morals didn’t prevent them acquiring it in the first place, only to destroy it.

See AYR: ROC group HQ No 25


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  1. Thank goodness Mr Booth saved the day! He knows the community well.
    Look what the town has now, a super arts venue which is something the whole town can use and be proud of.
    I couldn’t think of much worse than a submarine museum! If we had a museum wouldn’t be more relevant and interesting for people to find out about John Logie Baird, Henry Bell, James & Helen Colquhoun…. etc?


    Comment by R. MacDonald | January 22, 2016

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