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It’s a cat

Today was the first day we’ve had around here that could actually be referred to as ‘warm’.

There was something similar exactly 4 weeks ago, and I even managed to drag out the mower and get an early trim of the grass around the back (which grows some 3-4 times faster than the front), but there’s not been a completely dry day, or one that was not blowing a gale, since then. To be accurate, there was a semi-gale gusting today, but it was not made up of near-freezing wind, so I’m not letting it negate what was an otherwise decent day.

Another factor was the appearance of cat relaxing out of doors.

Scottish cats are not stupid, and can tell what the weather is going to be like in the coming hours, much better than a human or weather forecaster, so when I see one lying around in an exposed position out of doors, well, I know the weather’s getting better.

I also learned a few more photography lessons as well…

I haven’t been able to get out and take any pics recently, and knew my battery (a special, because it’s in a dSLR) was low, but was carrying a replacement.

Not smart enough – when the battery in the camera died while I was using it, I swapped it for the spare… FAIL… although charged a while ago, it was as flat as the one in the camera.

In future, if out of action for a considerable, never mind the charge level – just charge the things before use.

Second lesson was with regard to autofocus selection – this I had recently switched to allow the camera to select the zones used, because the newest camera has so many zones, and I found it was doing a better/faster job than my semi-manual selection.

But while photographing this cat, I noticed the active zones were being picked from the wrong places – but I hadn’t used manually selected zones for so long I couldn’t remember where the menu was (pro-dSLR cost £5,000 and have lots of knobs for good reasons.) It’s also hard to do this quickly when carrying bags too – but that couldn’t be avoided, since it was the reason I was out.

So it pays to remind yourself of the location of important setting when they are buried in menus – and that batteries can go died while you are fumbling.

Still, the pic’s not all that bad, and the cat’s rather nice too (never seen this one before):

Long hair carpet cat

Cat on a bin marks spring’s real start


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