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If it's secret, and in Scotland…

It’s a ladybird

I envy some folk I know, able to drop in pics of various birds, insects, small animals etc without apparently having to hunt them down.

I don’t seem to have that luck, and even snoozing cats seem to detect my presence, and having apparently been motionless for hours, detect the sound of a can opener and decide nap time is over, and nom time has arrived.

I’ve given up trying to catch the occasional arrogant crow/blackbird wandering around the nearby park. Although I can generally get to the point where I’m only a few feet away and ‘trusted’, the exercise generally comes to an abrupt end with the arrival of a mad dog that want to play with the formerly calm and relaxed bird – or on a bad day, I have to wait for the owner to come and detach the randy beast from my leg!

Today was better though, and as I unfolded the handle on my lawnmower, found a sleeping ladybird which was just asking to have its pic taken.

I’m not really set up to take macro type shots, and didn’t have time to spare, but it didn’t come out too bad, although just using an ordinary (zoom) lens rather than a prime lens of some sort means no possibility of an achingly sharp shot. Still, I can dream about quality glass, even if I can’t justify the expense, and it means I just get shots, and don’t get too disappointed.

That must be me reflected in the shiny wing cover.

If the crazy people are to be believed, in their minds it’s now possible to zoom into such reflections and reconstruct the detail of someone’s face, with the authorities using pics and videos from crimes scenes to pick off selected reflections from the surface of people’s eyes. While this is certainly possible with hi-def kit, the chances of it working with CCTV or cameras fitted to phones are slim to nil, and they should maybe stop watching repeats of Bladerunner 😉




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