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More bricks

After noticing a batch of various brick at Mount Vernon Stadium (or the place that used to be Mount Vernon Stadium) I noticed a few of the bricks I had lying around the garage had different brickmarks (names cast into their faces) than those found at the stadium site. Most of these have been found nearby, some dug up in the garden (which was created around 1930) and kept as they come in handy as supports and props – for everything BUT the weight of a car!

As before, you can look up info on them on these sites dedicated to brickmarks:

Brick Spotting | a search for lost Scottish brickmarks

Old Bricks

Two of these finds are a little more interesting than usual:

The first one is a bit of a wanderer, and how it comes to be in Glasgow is anybody’s guess, since Sandysike and the Sandysike brickworks are described as being in Cumbria, to the north of Carlisle. Being so close to the border, for whatever reason these bricks must have been shipped as part of some contract or larger job.

Brick Sandysike


The next one is a special, larger than a standard brick, and has been glazed, giving it a white edge. One corner is also rounded (see the top left corner as seen below), and around here, this type of brick can still be seen in garden walls, where it forms the top row of bricks, capping the wall with a decorative rounded edge. Not all such walls which are finished in this way used the glazed brick, and most of them are completed using only the plain, unglazed version of the same rounded brick.

These are marked Robert Brown & Son, with the slightly indistinct lower line giving the location of their brickworks, in Paisley.

Brick Robert Brown & Son glazed

Robert Brown & Son glazed

I’ve read about pro-photographers doing odd things to make a shot work, but the glazed faces of this brick were filthy and splashed with tar, so I ended up having to wash and polish the faces before what was left of the white glaze was recognisable:

Brick Robert Brown & Son glazed

Robert Brown & Son glazed

The rest seem to be fairy standard. Broomhouse:

Brick Broomhouse



Brick Dewar



Brick Southhook



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