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Damned ‘kids’

Ball and chain prisoner

By and large, I’m pretty progressive and tolerant, especially where someone might have made a mistake, or even been stupid enough to get involved with ‘pack’ behaviour, but has ultimately straightened themselves out.

I’m also likely to be the one being mocked because I support schemes that take ‘bad kids’ and sends them on holidays, instead of using the money to have someone tie them to a pole and flog them. I’ve never quite understood the logic that says on the one hand that we should ensure that those who suffer at the hands of abusers are taught that their abuser’s behaviour is not normal or acceptable, while the other hand wants offenders beaten into submission, and then is surprised when they become even worse offenders after their ‘lesson’.

But being progressive doesn’t mean just letting them all go unchecked, just that I recognise rehabilitation and education is more productive than simple punishment, or revenge justice.

Down here, in the quiet burbs, we get visited by teens that think it’s ‘kewl’ to make their way home while shouting obscenities at the top of their voices at 3 and 4 am. A nuisance, but relatively harmless compared to ‘sticks and stones’, and the nights they’ll grab handfuls of stones from driveways, and throw them at one another as they make their way along the road.

In winter, if it snows, they think it’s ‘kewl’ to throw snowballs at our windows. I have a large single pane window, if it breaks, apart from being rather cold, it will be an expensive repair – and the kids will be long gone.

A few years ago, I got a beer bottle through my front window – and of course, by the time I got there, the street was deserted. I was extremely lucky, as the room was empty, and the bottle somehow managed to go straight through a single pane in a stained glass window, showering the room with broken glass from both pane and the bottle. It took ages to find a glazier who had remotely similar patterned glass, but at least the repair was simple and cheap… compared to a single window pane a few metres wide.

Last year, I found broken glass in the room, and eventually traced it to a another broken pane in another stained glass window – and this was the morning after one of the loser’s shouting sessions in the street the night before. I was lucky again, it was just a small stone from a neighbour’s drive that had hit the window, breaking the glass and leaving a hole, but not smashing it completely. However, at the time, all my local specialist glazers had closed, leaving only those that dealt in standard windows and flat glass. But one of them re-appeared recently, so I might try there and see if I can get a piece of patterned glass (see pic below).

Last night, there was the usual abuse as the teens shouted at one another as they made their way along our street (at 3 am), lots of running around, then…

A thud from my front window (the large single pane) as something landed on it.

When I got to the front of the house, there was little to be seen, apart from the two or three teens disappearing into the side streets.

Nothing immediately obvious on the window, until I notice liquid running down it, and found that they had been throwing fruit, some sort of orange or similar, which had fortunately hit the window frame in this case, between the single large pane and the smaller stained glass sections. So, a bit of mess, but no actual damage this time.

They no doubt think it’s fun.

A beer bottle (or stone) that hits a window at a height of more than 2 metres breaks the window (and itself in the case of a bottle), is not moving slowly, is not harmless, and is not going to be fun for anyone in the room behind the window.

Broken window

Latest broken window


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