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In praise of old street signs

While it’s understandable that many ancient street signs have to be modernised and replaced to keep pace with various rules and regulation, and the need to keep things standardised (puzzling over the meaning of an important sign could lead to confusion and cause the very accident it was installed to help prevent), it’s still a shame that they’ve almost all been eliminated. Unfamiliar to most modern road users, those without words probably mean little to anyone who was not raised during the days when they were still visible, if not actually in use.

I know that one or two have managed to make an appearance in this Blog in the past, but I think they have always been found after being destroyed to some extent, leaving only enough to shoe they once existed, but not enough to reveal their original purpose. (I know they’re in here, but even I can’t find them – and I wrote the posts!)

I’ve always meant to take pics of the two examples seen below, which I get to see when I switch to one of my alternative walking routes that takes me through their area, but then forget all about them until I change routes again, and don’t get near them for ages.

South Mount Vernon Sign

Old style sign

Given that the other posts I referred to having (somewhere) in here show old sign posts which have been cut down, removing the sign, a section of the pole, and leaving only the base, it’s all the more remarkable that these black and white poled relics have remained largely untouched to this day, and not succumbed to some council directive to “Tidy The Streets!” and remove them.

I hope they stay.

They might not be getting any care and maintenance, but they’re not doing any harm.

South Mount Vernon Sign

Old style sign


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