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I met a red squirrel – and all I got was a dead pigeon

I should start by confessing to having little success when photographing wildlife – it usually runs away, gets scared by dogs, or if I do get close, it’s usually dead, like this.

I could carry my camera on this day, because of other stuff I had to carry – so for me, there was little surprise that this was the day I came face to face with a friendly squirrel, and it was the first red one I had seen, rather than the usual grey vermin that permeates the area.

And it wasn’t scared, as it carried on eating whatever it had found until I got near enough to touch it (greys don’t hang around, and disappear almost as soon as you look at them).

I wonder if it would have hung around for so long if I had my camera to hand.

Regardless, I lost the opportunity – no camera, no pics.

Of course, next time I was in the same place I found my usual luck was holding up well, and I did catch some local wildlife…

A pigeon that had decided to drop dead on a traffic island in the middle of a busy road, and managed to avoid being squished.

Glasgow Rd dead pigeon


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