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Early Braes Park is back in circulation

Early Braes Park signI tried to find the (or an) official Glasgow City Council web site or listing for the east end’s Early Braes Park (in case there was some sort of history or story behind it), but they don’t rate it as being big enough or worth the effort.

If you’ve missed it, or simply never heard of it, then you’ll find it occupying the land behind the shops at Barrachnie/Garrowhill.

I only found it by chance last year, while looking for a route to let me walk to the magic (cough cough) that is the Glasgow Fort shopping centre.

It used to be hidden from the main road by a  small but fairly dense section of wood, but a few months ago the trees were all chopped down, and shortly after that the access was closed while new waterworks were buried in the ground which had been cleared.

Coincidentally, around the same time my neighbour asked me if I had ever heard of it, as he had just added a new dog to his family collection, and needed a decent walking route of a few miles in order to keep the beast exercised and calm. He’s been here as long as me, and had never heard of the place.

So, this is how it looks after the works were completed a few days ago, and they cleared away all the barriers. Rather than make a mess, these works have improved the visibility and access to the park from Glasgow road – and they even left a line of trees in place to hide the area they cleared behind them (on the right, in the view below:

Early Braes Park entrance

Early Braes Park entrance

The area behind the trees is largely bare, apart from an area which now has a number of access hatches installed in it. Although I tried to get a look down the big hole that existed while this project was underway, there was just too much rubbish and fencing around the area to get a look any sort of angle that showed anything more than the top of the hole, so I don’t really know what’s down there. But I suspect it will just be a fairly anonymous collection of pipes and control valves:

Earl y Braes works

Access hatches over underground control gear

No clues as to the purpose and contents of the green cabinet, although I suspect some sort of sign has still to be added to the short pole seen to one side of the cabinet.

Earl y Braes works

Reasonably well secured panel


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