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Missed me (Baillieston) repaired

Looks as if Glasgow City Council has found a cute way to save money in these times of austerity, and has found a way to reduce the cost of repairs needed after road traffic incidents damage pedestrian barriers.

Just pretend they were never there – if nothing else, it looks better than just leaving the mangled barrier in place, which is what happen along the road, in Shettleston. I could have a whole album of mangled barriers where cars have remodelled them, and the damage (to the barrier) has never been fixed. I’ve never seen one with a car embedded or impaled, or when it happened (probably at 3 or 4 am), but the number of severely remodelled barriers also makes me glad I wasn’t there at the time, since their drivers were clearly less than competent, and hopefully ended up in jail after being asked to “Keep blowing until I tell you to stop”.

This is the second ‘repair’ of this type, the first being on a section of barrier at a pedestrian crossing outside Bannerman School, taken out by a spinning car a few minutes after I passed the spot (there is a post about somewhere in here), and the barrier section was just cut away. Given its location I expected it to be replaced quickly, but then gave up waiting to see it after the first year passed.

So, here’s the latest ‘repair’:

Baillieston barrier repair

Baillieston barrier repair

And a reminder of how it used to look:

Baillieston barrier crash

Baillieston barrier crash


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