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Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games shame – Tollcross Winter Gardens wrecked in 2013

I had no idea that more than a year had passed since I last posted about Tollcross Winter Gardens refurbishment 2013.

Nor did I realise the Winter Gardens had been wrecked and abandoned by Glasgow City Council, caught in the glare of the headlights of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, for which everything must be sacrificed in expectation of some non-existent “Lasting Legacy” which is unlikely to ever be delivered

Sad to say, one year on and in the year the Commonwealth Games is due to take place, both the glasshouse (an exquisite B-listed 19th century, curvilinear iron structure) and the much newer visitor centre, which was attached it in 2000, look like abandoned derelicts.

In fact, they ARE abandoned derelicts, since Glasgow City Council claims it is unable to fund the £800,000 repair bill for the them.

Thank goodness the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens on Glasgow Green are more well known and loved by the people of Glasgow, otherwise the council might have had a problem funding upgrades there as well. But they scraped through, and were closed during October 2014 while the work was carried out

After lying derelict for over ten years, the Winter Gardens at Tollcross Park enjoyed a refurbishment which was completed in November 2000 at a cost of  £1.7 million.

Only 12 years later, this investment looks set to be squandered, with the building lying open to the elements – as can be seen from the pics, glazing has been removed, and left lying around the site – and a no sign of the promised plastic wrap which should be protecting it.

What plastic wrap?

Back in February 2013, the media reported that while Glasgow City Council could supply the £800,000 to repair the buildings, they could come up with £60,00 to wrap it in plastic film and protect it from the elements. This never appeared, and the building is protected only by a loose security fence erected around the perimeter, which vandals can easily walk around. I could easily do this, but unlike vandals, who would get a slap on the wrist and told not to be naughty boys, I’d probably find a fleet of police cars and council workers dragging me off to the cells, and charged with breaking and entering, and damaging property, since I’m a quiet law-abiding type, with no’ brief’ or social worker on hand to look after me and organise legal aid.

The tragedy of this destruction is that we recently saw weeks of work at the Tollcross Pool and Leisure Centre, so it would be up to the standard demanded for the useless games.

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The petrol station has lost its fence

Looks this is another story that’s going to drag on for a while: The petrol station is now officially for sale

I’m not really sure why they bothered erecting a security fence and signs around this particular petrol station was abandoned, since all the hardware and buildings were boarded up. I tend to think anyone that was going to breach those measures would not be deterred by a temporary fence and some signs that suggest a security van might drive by every once in a while.

So, I wasn’t particularly surprised to see the fence and signs go, as whoever is looking after the site decided to save the recurring hire charges – and installed a few barrier posts across the petrol station’s entry/exit gaps in the wall. Probably more useful, as I’ve seen a few abandoned and derelict forecourts taken over by operators who are clearly not paying for the space, and soon disappear, presumably once the legitimate site owner gets to hear about them, and evicts them.

Here’s how it looks now, when I passed recently:

Petrol Station Unfenced

Unfenced but closed off

As was:

Fenced petrol station


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