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If it’s stopped, it’s parked VII

Haven’t seen any ‘fun’ parking on the streets for a while, so the opportunity to catch something in a local car park wasn’t to be missed, even if it was only ‘slight’.

It also comes with a photography lesson, as it was an opportunity shot, grabbed while carrying two bags filled with shopping – the original framing was terrible, but salvageable.

It also appears to show a difference between here, and the US – I follow quite a few car-related blogs originating in the US (where it seems you can still enjoy cars as a hobby and not be stigmatised by Green Loonies). Over there, although not parking between the lines in a car park is frowned on and seems to attract people who will photograph it and place the pics online… everybody seems to do it all the time. It looks as if many drivers consider the lines to be something their car is to be centred on, taking up two spaces, rather than parking between the lines.

Our example’s much more gentle (and between the lines, so our American cousins should be happy), and just shows somebody that stopped a bit early, or doesn’t know how long their car is… and stopped a bit early.

Well, it protects the front – but that rear end looks a bit vulnerable if things get busy.

Mercedes parking Lidl

Car park parking


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