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Commonwealth doublethink taints the east end of Glasgow

Wandering around one of my haunts near Tollcross, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was wrong with the scene I was looking at.

I grabbed the pic seen below, and was able to identify the insipid spread of yet more Commonwealth Games propaganda into the area:

Auchenshuggle Woods Commonwealth Sign

Auchenshuggle Woods revisionist Commonwealth sign

It’s hard to believe the level of “positive” revisionism we are being subject to in order make the “Lasting Legacy” of the 2014 Commonwealth Games being imposed on Glasgow become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I wouldn’t have any problem if I was to read, in say 2024, that the dopey games held in Glasgow in 2014 had left behind them a “Lasting Legacy” which had brought great benefits to the area in their wake.

But I object to the endless drivel pumped into people’s heads, via the media and the games’ publicity machine, which has been praising and glorifying the “Lasting Legacy” of the 2014 games for a year before the games have even been held.

The world is full of such games sites which have had millions squandered on them, and now feature on web sites where bloggers and photographers visit the dead and derelict legacy left in reality, rather than the fantasy in conjured up the minds of those who made their money building them, then ran off, leaving the communities they left behind to look at the dereliction they had been left with.

Auchenshuggle Woods was never “A COMMOMWEALTH WOODLAND”, and the nonsensical games never contributed anything to them.

It was, as can be seen below, a Community Woodland, rescued by the local community decades ago, and saved from potential loss and industrial redevelopment when the area was repurposed, and could have been consumed as part of an industrial estate.


Auchenshuggle Wood is located south of London Rd on the grounds of the one time Fullarton House. Glasgow’s first Community Nature Park, it was established in late 1982.

Fullarton became the property of the British Steel Corporation as part of the complex at Clyde Iron Works/ Clydebridge. The SDA acquired the land and ownership was later transferred to the GDA. The official title of Auchenshuggle Wood was apparently bestowed by the SDA because of the wood’s proximity to the old Auchenshuggle tram terminus.

A construction firm was interested in building houses on the site but this proposal was decided against when it was argued that the wood was a unique resource in the east end. It was leased to the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers whose Scottish arm became independent in 1984 as Scottish Conservation Projects. It is the latter which now oversees the project.

Via Auchenshuggle Wood – Tollcross & Dalbeth – East End Glasgow History

Local people did most of the work then, NOT the Commonwealth, which has done nothing but hijack the site as somewhere to spread its toxic name.

Recent (2013) works carried out there, upgrading the paths and clearing the ground, were carried out by Forestry Commission Scotland, not the Legacy Party.

Auchenshuggle sign

Auchenshuggle sign


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