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Lost petrol station on Hamilton Road

Chance remarks can reveal unknown sites of interest.

In this case, a conversation about a local character led to the discovery of lost petrol station on Hamilton Road.

While it’s not too interesting to lose a petrol nowadays, as there has (according to some) been some heavy attrition thanks to the rising price and increased competition for fuel sales. It seems few now dare to mention the ridiculous double taxation the people allow the Treasury to level on fuel, with VAT being levied on the total after duty is added to the price, so there’s tax paid on that tax, not just the base price, and the last I saw (since I no longer buy fuel) was something like 76% being given as the fraction of tax which makes up the pump price.

However, old petrol stations are more interesting, as they formed part of our heritage, and I’ve seen one or two old B&W pics which show former petrol stations in the area.

One that I hadn’t seen was on the site show below, which is now a crane depot where parts are stored.

This is the most recent occupant of the site, and to my shame, I can’t recall what business occupied the site before this. I do walk past occasionally, and saw the site abandoned a few years ago, but just can’t bring to mind what was on it before.

I don’t think I ever saw it as a petrol station, but then again, have no idea (and have not found any reference so far) when it was abandoned.

As noted earlier, it was mentioned by someone else as part of another discussion, and they suggested it was owned by the occupant of the house to the left of the site, and may have been owned by Coombes. But this was just a guess.

This might explains the entry and exit ramps that cut across the pavement, originally being for the petrol station, and convenient for the businesses that took over the site, but the pavement has been resurfaced in more recent years.

Hamilton Rd former petrol station

Hamilton Rd former petrol station site


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