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Argyle Street is glum

When I was little, and I mean really little, I was regularly dragged into “town” with my mother and grandmother. Those were the days when ladies went for tea, and tea rooms were still plentiful, with all the big stores being so equipped. No identical fast-food clones were to be seen. The stores were generally all well-respected big names (of their day), and generally sold the best of products.

In those days, Glasgow city centre was a very different place compared to what is seen today, and was rightly described as “busy”.

My memory may be flawed, but as far as I can recall, the streets (no pedestrian precincts back then) were packed with people like sardines, and the same was true of the road and its traffic.

Nowadays, I don’t see much of interest while wandering along Argyle Street, with some really crappy shops selling cheap rubbish, nameless computer bits, phone deals, discounted electrical goods (some of dubious brands) and lots of fast-food outlets, and clothes with overpriced ‘labels’. While there are busy spots, there is not the same general mass of people or vehicles. Crowds form near fast-food outlets, while traffic tends to be public transport rather than masses of private vehicles.

Many of the building are run down, with the upper floors apparently abandoned and derelict (filthy windows), and a number even have holes punched in those windows (or even the walls) with protruding scaffolding showing that the floors and walls are at risk of collapsing.

And this is without touching on the gaps where buildings have been removed, or trying to count the number of shops that are just empty:

Argyle Street empty shop

Argyle Street empty shop

This is an example of the sort of abandoned upper storey seen in Argyle Street:

Argyle St upper

Argyle St upper storeys

And a closer look (I need to work out if I can find records of what these building were built for, and who occupied them).

Argyle St upper storey single

Argyle St upper storey

And finally, details from that building which shows a piece of decorative carving, and what I think is some Art Deco window frame detail, together with the sort of holes I mentioned being punched through the windows themselves, complete with scaffolding and wooden reinforcement (click the thumbs for bigger versions):


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