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BBC tells untold story of Sir William Burrell’s daughter

This came as a bit of a surprise – and I have to say that with a fortune the size of the Burrell up for inheritance one day… I wouldn’t have been in any sort of hurry to have a row with the family.

Although I’ve occasionally had to dig into the story of the Burrell collection and its bequesting to the City of Glasgow, that was generally satisfied when I confirmed the circumstances and date of the donation, and of its home in Pollock Country Park. I wasn’t really interested in the family, and never noticed anything of particular interest when glancing over the stories of the collection (other than what I was looking for with regard to the collection itself.)

I often suggest the people “Look up” when walking in town, as they are probably missing many interesting features included in the buildings they are walking past – perhaps I should say something similar to myself as I speed-read through references.

Marion Burrell was the privileged daughter of one of the richest men in Scotland but a bitter row with her father meant she never inherited her father’s great art collection.

Glasgow shipping magnate Sir William Burrell bequested his art collection to the city of Glasgow.

A new book, to be launched at the Boswell Book Festival, tells the story of “Burrell’s Daughter”.

BBC Scotland’s arts correspondent Pauline McLean reports.

Via Untold story of Sir William Burrell’s daughter

Unfortunately, few BBC videos seem to be up for embedding, so you’ll have to follow the link given above to hear the short account of this rather sad tale.


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