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The Livingstone Tower is still there

I’m not sure what I was reading a few months ago, but I’m sure I was surprised to read a reference that suggested the Livingstone Tower was gone. I couldn’t recall hearing about such a thing before, but not being in Glasgow frequently, was uncertain, and looking at Street View is no help, since the images are of various ages.

However, I was sure the suggestion was wrong, since I couldn’t find any mentions online.

A recent opportunity to have a look confirmed it was still safely in place, and it looks as if current plans will see it remain in much the same use as at present, until it is returned to Glasgow in 2023, for redevelopment University of Stratchclyde Campus Plan 2011:

Livingston Tower

Livingston Tower

Although it was not directly involved with my time at Strathclyde (University), I did spend rather a lot of time there, much of it mis-spent.

In those days, our official computing and programming course involved using a mainframe and punched cards to run our programs.

We had to sit a huge desk that punched holes in cars as we typed our programs. Then we had to collect the stack of punched cards and drop them off at a hatch, go away for a couple of hours, and come back and look for our printed outputs in a set of pigeon-holes.

Unofficially, those of us who were interested ran to the Livvy Tower and headed the floor where they had a room full of Commodore PET personal computers. There, we could quickly enter our own programs via the keyboard, or the cassette unit. The tower is home to Computer and Information Sciences of Strathclyde University.

Funny thing about this was that I was also selling the PET courtesy of a part-time job I had then, and could use the demo model we had in the shop too.


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