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The Carrick sank here, and here…

The clipper ship City of Adelaide spent some 44 years as the Carrick to Glaswegians, when it served as the floating premises of the RNVR (Scotland) Club, moored on the Clyde at Glasgow.

Unfortunately, it also sank (more than once) while it was there, and that seems to be what most folk remember.

It was towed away to rest at the Maritime Museum in Irvine, but with no funding to do anything with it, it just lay and decayed, with the possibility of demolition/deconstruction becoming a real possibility.

Eventually, the Australians came up with a plan and finding for it rescue, and it was loaded onto a barge and sailed around the World to Adelaide, where story still continues.

But it’s the local chapter that matters here, as the old berth on Clyde Street next to the city’s Victoria Bridge was the feature that caught our eye.

Carrick berth

Carrick berth and former members’ car parking area

While the vessel is long gone, the two massive timbers it rested against are still there, as is the top section of gangway, the service box that provided power from the land, and even some of the distribution panel at the top of the gangway.

This still has the ‘PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY’ sign attached, but has been partly hidden by an electrical panel, presumably added in the latter days of the vessel’s presence at the berth, when some power was still required, but it was not longer in use as a club.

This reminds me that I did attend one wedding reception there, clearly after one of the sinkings, as the floor had a definite list, but nobody seemed to mind.

Carrick services

Carrick services (brick box), and gangway now isolated behind river fencing

Carrick panel

Carrick panel detail and ‘MEMBERS ONLY’ label


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