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A little demolition in Tollcross

Although there’s been quite a lot of demolition around the east recently, even though I tramp around the street quite a lot (since I have to walk to fetch all my shopping) I seldom come across any actual demolition work in progress. It’s rather like the parks, maintained by the council, I seldom see anyone actually carrying out the work, just the piles of cuttings they leave behind for collection.

I’m not sure of the build dates of the housing shown below.

My best guess is that it postdates the more widely publicised sandstone Victorian tenement, which came to an end some time after the turn of the century (c. 1900), which can be seen in many of the date stones these older buildings.

The newer houses, which I’m guessing (but have never seen such a claim) are supposed to be a sort of pretend granite look-a-like or similar, seem to pre-date the 1930s, which I can say because I have seen them under construction in aerial photographs of other features in the city, when they and there estates were caught in the same pics, and where those pics carry accurate dates as to their origin.

However, unlike the sandstone tenement, I’ve never come across any specific history or description regarding the background our history of these later grey building.

But I have seen comments from people who lived in them, usually in forums and discussion groups, and most them are less than memorable – in other words, they didn’t like them, and thought they were rubbish.

We’ve had many books and articles on the sandstone tenement – maybe someone who knows more about these grey building should write a book (or point me at it, if I’ve missed it so far.)

I’ve watched these former homes slip into dereliction over the past months, being abandoned, then boarded up, then having the glass removed from the windows. It looks as if these are being taken, rather than just stoned/broken.

I didn’t see the start of this work, as I wasn’t along this way for a while, so I went round the corner for the second pic, which shows the building just prior to this work.

Interesting to note that it’s the newer buildings to the right that are being razed, while the older sandstone examples to the left are staying in place.

Tollcross Demolition 2014

Tollcross Demolition 2014

Tollcross Derelict 2014

Tollcross Derelict 2014


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