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If it’s stopped, it’s parked VIII

To be fair, this one would probably be better categorised under ‘Creative Parking’, but I don’t need (yet) another category or tag to keep track of.

This little bay at the Barrachnie light is just too small for two cars (except perhaps two small cars), and, since it borders a wide area of footpath, doesn’t cause any problems for anybody if not used ‘precisely’.

I just included it since I couldn’t recall it ever being used like this, and thought the solution to the lack of space was ‘imaginative’.

Incidentally, the grey car in the background doesn’t count as it belongs to the house behind, and stands on a slabbed area belonging to the property.

Barrachnie Parking

Barrachnie Parking

So cute, I had to include the view from the other side:

Barrachnie Parking

Barrachnie Parking

On the other hand, maybe I just wanted to include the Saab convertible. I ran one of these for a while, an odd model that came with a non-turbo 2.3 engine – just as Saab announced all their cars were going to be fitted with ‘light pressure’ turbos. I forget the year, as it had a cherished number. I’d only driven one old Saab prior to this, and hadn’t expected to like it, but it turned out to be a great driver, and quiet too, despite the (powered) soft top. Biggest surprise was fuel consumption – the worst I got it down to driving hard was 28 mpg. It was an automatic, and definitely not a slouch either

While Saab has now closed its doors and gone, production is set to resume under new masters, but there seems to be (at the time of writing) some silliness over the name or some rights, so still have to wait and see what happens.


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