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Railway signal boxes look for new uses

It will be interesting to see what sort of plans arise regarding the re-use of old railway signal boxes, either already retired, or due to be retired as part of modernisation and improvement plans for the rail network.

I was almost surprised to read about this, as all the signal boxes I can think of having seen in recent years have all been closed and abandoned.

It seems many are listed, to varying degrees, so the owner (Network Rail) still has to maintain them, even if not in service and decommissioned, since listing confers responsibility, but so far, does not provide any cash. If the boxes can be let, then the interior could be maintained by the lessee, while the exterior remained with the network. Some could become cafes. Other suggestion include re-siting the boxes to allow them to be reused, perhaps at heritage railway sites.

Heritage plans for 70 Scots signal boxes – The Scotsman

Derelict Murthley (sealed and devoid of its stairway) is pictured below, but could be re-sited if funding can be put in place.


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