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Will the forgotten tourist target be met?

50% by 2016Ever since I first saw the decree being handed down from on high (possibly back in 2007), I’ve kept an eye on any stories that refer to tourism in Scotland.

While I wish I did, I don’t have a link to the original source as I wasn’t writing quite as carefully back in 2008, and that order for a 50% increase in tourism (revenue) by 2015 seems to have changed to 2016, so it’s still there, but has apparently gained an extra year along the way. Maybe it was quietly slipped in while no-one was looking, in case there was a recession.

I haven’t seen “50% by 2015 (or 2016)” mentioned by anyone for a while, but I’m going to stick with it until 2015 (or 2016), just to satisfy my curiosity and see if anyone stands up and takes ownership on the day, and announces that the target was (or was not) met.

Given the recent publication of the following figures, it’s odd that there was no reference to the decree, since the numbers appear to be positive:

Tourists visiting Scotland spent 20% more last year than in 2012 – a bigger hike than London and the UK as a whole.

The number of visitors was also up by 9.8% to 2.44m, spending a total of £1.68bn

Edinburgh was the biggest draw with 1.3m people staying one night or more in the city – second only to London.

Glasgow was sixth in the UK league with 515,000 visits, Aberdeen attracted 241,000 overnight tourists and Inverness 226,000.

Mike Cantlay, chairman of VisitScotland, hailed the “spectacular” results following a 4% rise the previous year and predicted a further increase in 2014.

Via: Tourist spend in Scotland up by 20% to £1.68bn

Despite making that impressive spend claim and percentage increase figure for only one year, that story notably omits any reference to “50% by 2015 (or 2016)”.



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