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Crazy road repairs are a reality

Various hassles are getting in the way of blog entries, but I had to stop for a moment and capture this bit of Glasgow City Council silliness.

There’s a piece of road in Ardgay Street that is no longer actually road since it was converted into Sandyhills Park (back in the late 1970s, I think), so it’s only used by pedestrian.

It’s falling apart, and is better described as a collection of holes than either footpath or road, and has been breaking up for years.

This morning, on my way for the train,I passed a guy shovelling tarmac into one of the holes and another running a petrol-powered tamper over it.

When I went passed again on my way back home in the evening – the team had filled ONE hole, and left.

A pointless and futile effort, as there is at least a dozen (or more) remaining, and the whole area is breaking up as cars, vans, and lorries turn here in order to stop at the nearby shop.

It’s hard to see the extent of the holes in the pic below, they don’t show up well, but you can see the single patch on the right.

Crazy, pointless, and really just a waste of effort, material, and money, as the turning traffic will soon break the patch up.

Ardgay St Crazy Road Repair

Ardgay St Crazy Road Repair


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