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My Garden (says the cat)

Another one of those roads I’ve not been along for a while, it looks as if might have new occupants in at least one house – I don’t recall seeing any of the subjects in the pic before.

I saw the sign first, and thought it was unusual, then I saw the white splash on the lawn as walked past. When I walked back for a second look, the white turned out to be a sleeping long-haired cat.

Like most (all?) cats it paid no attention until I dig out the camera and got it to my eye – then the head came up and I was being watched.

All thoughts of framing the shot to avoid the fencing were abandoned, and as soon as could get the cat and sign in the clear, grabbed the shot.

I’ve missed too many cute shots as the cat realises what is happening and makes its escape while I am still fiddling with the shot – this may not be ‘perfect’, but it’s better than nothing!

My Garden Cat

It’s My Garden


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