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Net neutrality landmark vote success

That went well.

Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the world wide web, addressed the meeting via video, saying he applauded the FCC’s decision to protect net neutrality: “More than anything else, the action you take today will preserve the reality of a permission-less innovation that is the heart of the internet.”

“It’s about consumer rights, it’s about free speech, it’s about democracy,” Berners Lee said.

Now we have to stay alert for attempts to circumvent the rules and control traffic by the back door!


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  1. Nice to see you back.

    Be well.


    Comment by gailsnotes | February 27, 2015

  2. I wish I was – maybe when it gets a bit warmer, and I can get my head back around some sort of theme 🙂

    But I appreciate the well-wishing.

    (At least I know I have one person still looking.)


    Comment by Apollo | February 27, 2015

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