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If it's secret, and in Scotland…

St Peter’s Seminary as seen by ‘Sometimes Interesting’

If you’re not familiar with the Sometimes Interesting web site, then I suggest you bookmark it visit occasionally.

It’s not for those who like sites that post an endless stream of posts that treat their subject to a ‘butterfly touch, but caters for the reader who has an attention span that surpassed the oft-quoted modern limit of ‘three minutes’. Find an entry there that you like, and you’ll need at least one cup of coffee and a biscuit.

There aren’t many Scottish entries to be found there, but those that are will be found to have been treated in some detail, and as one who has looked online for information relating to them (albeit a few years ago, so more has been added online since then), I am still surprised at what they manage to come up with, often with details I have not seen elsewhere.

Maybe that really means I need to update my own notes, and not rely on past finds.

I had to look twice when I saw the picture at the head of the site when I visited earlier today, as I though it was very similar to St Peter’s.

Of course, once I spotted the title, I knew why…

Specter of St. Peter’s Seminary

St. Peter’s Seminary is an abandoned Roman Catholic education facility near Cardross, Scotland. Built near the banks of the Clyde River and located just a half-hour outside of Glasgow, it was intended to be Scotland’s National Seminary. The radical shape was penned by a now-legendary Scottish design firm, and paid homage to one of architecture’s greats.

While the building won multiple design awards, it failed to reverberate within the ranks of the church in transition. The architecture was striking, but so was the building maintenance. Combined with escalating operating costs and a decline in enrollment, St. Peter’s closed just fourteen years after opening – and it has been abandoned ever since…

Specter of St Peter's via 'Something Interesting'

Specter of St Peter’s via ‘Something Interesting’


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