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Careful who you envy – you could be wishing you were dead

I don’t know when I first saw the video included below, but I don’t mind admitting that it made me smile, as I’d like to have done the same.

In reality, the best I could do was a little over 300 bhp from a (just under) 5-litre V8, meaning a 0-60 mph of around 5.6 seconds with a max speed of 155 mph on hand.

This was partnered with a 3-litre 24-valve turbo, but the performance was similar, bar a lower top speed. I always meant to mildly tune this one, but it never happened for a variety of reasons.

With the best will in the world, I wasn’t going to land a 1,250 WHP Lamborghini Gallardo, and as far as I’m aware, only one of my neighbours has ever had a Gallardo in their drive. I only ever saw it there once (ie no pic opportunity). Unlike another neighbour’s 458, which does live in his drive, I suspect this may not actually have been his Gallardo.

What few were aware of was that he had cancer, and it proved terminal recently, when Robert Himler died, aged only 24 years.

Robert Himler, 24 Years of Age, Dies from Cancer. | UTM News


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