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Luss parking – seems it’s a problem

I guess I’m lucky not to be making regular visits to Luss any more – it’s ten years or more since I was able to take a run there, and it looks as if it’s not much fun these days.

I/we must have been lucky then, as it seems that 750,000 visitors are making life tough for only 120 residents, and causing parking problems in the village.

Our trips must have been at quite times, as we generally parked down at the pier, and were never crowded out by tourists, or in the way of the residents. I can even recall the arrival of the big car park, complete with charges, which we avoided like the plague, or just ‘passed through’ on a short stop.

Maybe not getting back there these days is a blessing in disguise, as we went there to enjoy the peace and quiet, and just walk around, almost alone.

This introduction to proposals regarding parking there make it seem grim, and seems to be another case of Argyll and Bute Council being at odds with locals:

PROPOSED parking measures in Luss have come under fire from the chief executive of Luss Estates who claims they do little to tackle traffic congestion.
Simon Miller hit out at recommendations by Argyll and Bute councillors to introduce parking permits in the village for residents and business owners.
However, Luss Community Council says the proposed new measures have been popular with villagers, whilst Argyll and Bute Council has stood by the consultation process.

Mr Miller said: “The proposed parking scheme does not address the fundamental issue, which is traffic congestion, not parking.

“This solution may allow Argyll and Bute Council to make money out of existing traffic, but it will do nothing whatsoever to get the traffic out of the village which is what is required.

“Luss is a small, historic village with narrow roads and no pavements, home to a tiny rural population which gets a massive influx of visitors every year.

“We welcome visitors to Luss, but it is the presence of too many cars in the heart of the village itself which is the problem.”

Luss Estates Chief Executive hits out at proposed parking measures | Helensburgh & Lomond | News | Helensburgh Advertiser

The pic below, handily from 2003 and probably around about when I had to give up the odd visit, shows a near deserted Luss on a rainy September day, and to be honest is just about as busy as I usually saw the place, so you can imagine why I was happy to park there (usually just behind that planter) and didn’t interfere with anyone.

Since I’ve never seen the congestion referred to, or anything even approaching it, I can’t even comment on either sides views, but hope they can resolve the matter without ruining the village, or penalising drivers. After all, it’s not somewhere you can just take a walk to, and while tourists might have a coach trio to get them there, as a local (ie someone from Glasgow’s east end) the hassle of using public transport to get there (and back) would just ruin a nice day.


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